How public relations is beating journalism in the race to control the media

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.”

-George Orwell.

For anyone working in media, public relations, or journalism related fields, the beef between Journalists and PR is not new. The tension bewteen the two fields has existed as long as journalism has, due to the simple fact that as soon as you have a media that can theoretically print anything it likes about you (barring libel and hate speech), experts who can help you navigate the industry become necessary.

But while journalistic legend George Orwell seemingly had pretty strong views about PR (whether he actually said the above quote is oft-debated- but that’s another blog post), journalists can’t really sustain a career by only publishing things ‘someone’ would rather keep hidden. If they did, they’d probably only put out a few stories a year.

There just aren’t that many Watergates in the world. Sometimes you have to do a fluff story about the community centre down the street. And that’s fine.

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